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Cleaning wooden floors can prove to be tricky and for most, something that they may not even think of. Your requirements and exact arrangements are always discussed to ensure that you know what to expect from our cleaning services, leaving you with a perfect wooden floor.


Whether you need our services for the home or for your business or school, we will give you a quality service that will leave your floor looking spotless.

If you're looking for a high quality cleaning and maintenance service, we can provide:


•   Cleaning and buffing

•   Polishing

•   Heel mark removal

•   Polish removal

•   Light abrasion and re-coatings

•   Customised maintenance schedule and much more

If you need to clean or restore your flooring, call BT Flooring Services today on:

07830 351 682 or

0208 6146 858

Does you wooden flooring look worn-out? Are you restoring a property or looking to increase the value of your home? Then you need our wooden floor restoration and cleaning service and you'll soon see what a difference good wooden flooring can make.


All our staff are highly knowledgeable on what it takes to not only brighten your flooring but what you can do to look after it once we're gone.

Floor cleaning and maintenance

Why not bring your floor back to life?

Have you ever tried sanding a floor yourself? Are you looking for an expert company to restore and sand your floor? Many of our customers don't have the time to sand a floor themselves or have tried and did not achieve their desired result.


Sanding a floor, whether it's for a small hall way, a sports hall or a pub, requires finesse and a qualified knowledge of how to use our dust free machine in order to get the best results.


Did you know that restoring an existing wooden floor can often be cheaper that buying new flooring? By calling in BT Flooring Services, you'll be amazed at the results we can provide you with.

Floor sanding and restoration, by the experts

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